Do you need to harvest data from a web site? You tell us where you want to search, what you want to get, and how you want it formatted. We do all the work and send the results directly to you.

Our web data harvester is
  • Simple: You don't need any software. Just tell us what you need and where to get it.
  • Flexible: You can obtain any data from any website you have access to. You don't have to worry about forms, cookies, malformed HTML, and other potential pitfalls.
  • Accurate: Every text field in the extracted results is just what you need no more and no less. Data can also be filtered and verified to your requirements.
  • Multiple aggregation: Data from multiple sources with different structures can be combined into a single result.
  • Frequency: Data can be extracted on demand or on a schedule.
  • Low Cost: You only need to pay for what you get. No need to purchase expensive hardware and software, no need to learn how to use the software, and no need to waste your valuable time

Here are just a few data mining applications that we can provide:
  • sales leads
  • product pricing data
  • price change reports
  • supplier product data
  • financial data
  • real estate data
  • job postings
  • auction info

If you need one of these or you can imagine some other data mining application contact us and we can probably design a service for you.