Keeping your store up to date with your supplier’s inventory can be a big challenge and a big headache. You can spend many hours each week on your supplier’s web site or you might just ignore the problem. You might miss new products. You might sell a product that is out of stock. You might sell a product at a loss because your supplier has increased your cost and you did not notice the change.

If you use your supplier’s inventory feed file to do your store updates you probably have found these problems:
  • the feed file was not easily readable by a human (CSV, XML)
  • each supplier's data feed has a different column order and contents
  • the feed file contains all of the supplier's products so you have to search for your store’s products

It might be time to consider a complete, low cost solution.

The Supplier Inventory Report is a great way to keep track of all of your supplier’s inventory changes. Created daily from your supplier’s data we email you a report showing changes in their inventory. You specify which changes you want to see. Changes such as these can be shown on the report:
  • new products for sale
  • products removed from sale
  • products that are now out of stock
  • products that are now in stock
  • changes in the cost, weight, MAP, MRP, MSRP
  • changes in any of the fields of the data feed
For a supplier inventory feed with 5000 products the generated Inventory Report will typically show less than 100 product changes. This turns an impossible task into a relatively easy task.

You can read more about how the report is created HERE.

To see an actual report HERE (with names changed). The supplier inventory feed for this report contained over 35,000 rows in a CSV file.

You can cancel the service at any time. Contact us for a two week demo of the report using your inventory data.

A Supplier Inventory Report is included at no cost if you subscribe to our Inventory Update service.